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Colombia El Puente Honey

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Colombia El Puente Honey

This single-origin offering from the innovative team behind Aromas del Sur Farms in Huila, Colombia is everything we expect from exceptional producers like Rodrigo Sanchez and Claudia Samboni. 

Named for the footbridge that passes over a river near the brand new processing facility in Huila, El Puente is a truly exciting pilot project supported by community investment to promote the sustainable development of rural areas.

This is one of those rare cups of coffee that boasts enough nuance to excite and amaze with a single serving while remaining approachable enough to satisfy every single day.

Location: Huila, Colombia

Producer: Aromas del Sur

Varietal: Caturra, Colombia, Castillo

Process: Honey

Elevation: 1400 MASL

Tastes Like: Red Wine, Cacao Nibs, Syrupy