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Colombia El Paraiso INDESTEC

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Location: Cauca, Colombia

Producer: Diego Samuel Bermudez Tapia

Farm: Finca El Paraiso INDESTEC

Varietal: Bourbon, Castillo, Gesha

Process: Y-05 Washed Anaerobic 

Elevation: 1930 MASL

Tastes Like: Pina Colada, Maraschino Cherry, Lime

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We have never come across as striking a coffee as this one from Diego Samuel and INDESTEC. It is a remarkable achievement. In the cup there is such intense fruited complexity, clarity, and creamy sweetness which brings attention not only to the farm's terroir but also to the incredibly innovative and precise processing techniques implemented at INDESTEC. 

One of the most notable features about El Paraiso is its considerably high altitude which allows cherries to mature slowly and improves the concentration of sugars in the cup. Beyond that, Diego utilizes unique processing technology that supports the development of citric flavors while remaining environmentally-friendly and independent of increasingly variable climate factors. This approach contributes to consistent quality year over year. 

We are beyond honored to roast and serve this extremely limited and beautiful coffee.

    Colombia El Paraiso INDESTEC